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Blanket of Love

The Blanket of Love Program is a prenatal and parenting education program for young women, their spouse or friend and family. Blanket of Love creates a community of support through the combination of a welcoming meal eaten together, an educational program presentation and time for sharing with staff and other members of the group. Following the community meal, the group breaks out into prenatal education or parenting education.

Pregnant women receive childbirth education to help them understand prenatal care, labor and delivery processes and strategies for improved health of the mother and for the baby. Another part of the educational program is for young parents to help them understand their baby, the developmental stages to be expected, nutritional tips, infant care techniques and to address any concerns young parents might have. Friends and family are invited to join the single woman or couple in all aspects of the program.

Location: Columbia St. Mary’s Ebenezer Health Resource Center 3132 N. Martin Luther King Dr. Milwaukee WI 53212

Date: Thursdays (February through November)

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Contact Information

For registration and referrals, please contact:

Julia Means, RN
Parish Nurse-Program Director
Cell: (414) 793-0328


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