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About The Church Health Liaison Role:

The Church Health Liaison is a congregant of a member church who is willing to serve a central role for health issues to connect other congregants with health and community resources. The Church Health Liaison  is usually a volunteer who is a good communicator and has a natural interest in health and wellness issues. The Church Health Liaison is responsible for serving as a bridge to health services for congregants. Each church participating in Urban Church Wellness is asked to recruit a liaison to collaborate with the community health worker to develop timely and effective service programs. Liaisons assisted in developing a description of their role during one of the training programs that Columbia St. Mary’s offers.

The first priority for the community health worker and the liaisons was to address hypertension and diabetes among church members. Previous screening had shown that many members were undiagnosed and many of those who had been diagnosed had not received treatment.

The Church Health Liaison will fill the following roles:

• Assist church members in knowing about ways to improve health and wellness

• Carefully follow privacy and confidentiality guidelines to be sure that congregants continue to trust the program and their private information is safe

• Help organize and run health education and screening in the church through partnership with Columbia St. Mary’s Parish Nurse or other community professionals

• Assist congregants in becoming eligible and enrolling in programs and services to improve health

• Contact health ministry nurses for advice and assistance in working with congregants

• Help health ministry nurses understand the needs of individual congregants and the general needs of all church members to help design programs of assistance

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