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COGIC Covenant

Urban Church Wellness Expands Preventive Healthcare Services at Milwaukee Area Churches

Columbia St. Mary’s is partnering with the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) to provide health screenings and other preventive care through churhces in the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin area.

The COGIC Covenant will provide church members with access to health education, health care screenings, and health counseling services.  Each church will name a health liaison volunteer to work in partnership with Columbia St Mary’s parish nurses and community health workers to accomplish collaborative health goals.

The partnership will make many health care services available to members, including mammography screening, colorectal cancer screening, prostate screening, cooking classes, nutritional education, diabetes education, assistance regarding advance care directives, and development of programs suggested by the health liaison volunteers.

The Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ

The Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction is a member of the National Church organized in 1907 and based in Memphis,Tennessee. The National Church of God in Christ has a strong social agenda with a particular emphasis on urban initiatives. The Wisconsin Northwest Jurisdiction is comprised of 46 churches, primarily in Southeastern Wisconsin, with C.H. McClelland serving as bishop.

Bishop McClelland is also the pastor for Holy Cathedral Church of God in Christ in Milwaukee.




Health and Wellness

To be a resource mechanism that provides health care information and identifies services for all individuals and families, both in our churches and communities. The goal is to provide help through the management offered by the medical and allied health professions. It is our endeavored to build and enhance the knowledge of church members to address their own health concerns and to make healthy lifestyle choices/decisions.

Nancy Wynne, LPN
Word of Hope COGIC
Health Care Coordinator & Facilitator
State Nurses Unit President
Office: (414) 447-1965 Ext: 247


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