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The Ebenezer Community Resource Center will be a valuable asset for the community, offering a wide array of health and educational services. Every Wednesday, it will be home to Columbia St. Mary’s Community Chronic Disease Management Clinic (CCDM), which screens and manages hypertension, diabetes, and smoking cessation. The Clinic addresses barriers to health services for low-income adults who are at risk of developing chronic diseases. By establishing clinics in nontraditional locations such as food pantries and offering screening, referral and management services, low-cost drugs, at-cost diabetic supplies and preventative education, the CCDM clinic helps prevent chronic disease complications among Milwaukee’s most vulnerable populations. The Resource Center also offers education on healthy eating/nutrition, Advanced Directives, and Safe Sleep.


On the first Saturday of each month, Columbia St. Mary’s Digital Mammography Coach will be on site at the Ebenezer Community Resource Center. The 38-foot Mammography Coach enables Columbia St. Mary’s to bring cutting-edge digital mammography directly to communities in need. Expanding access to this important screening is essential in the fight against breast cancer.


The Ebenezer Community Resource Center is also a Hunger Task Force affiliated food pantry and it will offer diabetic counseling and cooking classes for clients of the Ebenezer Food Pantry. It will also offer health education and wellness classes and hypertension and diabetes screening on a regular basis.




And, on Tuesday evenings, the Ebenezer Community Resource Center will host Blanket of Love, a prenatal and parenting education program for young women, their spouse, friend or family. Blanket of Love creates a community of support through the combination of a welcoming meal eaten together, an educational program presentation and time for sharing with staff and other members of the group. Pregnant women receive childbirth education to help them understand prenatal care, labor and delivery processes and strategies for improved health of the mother and baby.


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