Advanced Directives

Advance Directives

We often take for granted that when difficult decisions will have to be made regarding our future health care, we will be able to make those decisions ourselves. “No one wants to think of illness, disability or death until that time comes.” “No use worrying ourselves or our loved ones with such talk.”

“Besides, I’m young and I’m not sick; I have time to wait to think about those things or to make these decisions.” Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? You are not alone.

Each year thousands of us are faced with making medical decisions for ourselves or for our loved ones. A common statement from those having to make such decisions is, “I wish I would have talked to ‘my loved one’ about this, so I would have known what she wanted.” As for ourselves, we may avoid uncomfortable discussions regarding our own wishes in an attempt to protect and care for those we love. Talking with someone about our wishes is in fact a loving thing to do.

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Click here for a link to Columbia St. Mary’s website, where you can find additional information on Advance Directives and Living Wills.

Advance Directives PowerPoint– Mark Repenshek, PhD

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